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The Asterisk to Human Knowledge

What you and I know about anything has a perpetual asterisk. It’s an asterisk that qualifies all human knowledge and has been subconsciously writing itself for years. It’s handy and...

The First Open-Source War

Welcome to the first open-source war. You’ll find your news channels through TikTok footage, updates through independent news sources, quotes from Twitter commentators, and visualize the movement of destruction through...

The Internet Is Dead: What's That Mean?

The virtual world you visit every single day, the one with your friends and family, is dead. Well, that’s according to a recently coined concept called Dead Internet Theory. In...

How to Not Lose Your Job to AI

AI can now code — are you doomed?

Apple TV’s "Foundation" and The Fate of U.S. Politics

“Lord Dorwin, gentlemen, in five days of discussion, didn’t say one damned thing and said it so you never noticed.”